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The property ladder is closer than you think.

Our mission is to provide low risk UK property investment opportunities with competitively higher than market returns. Our quick, easy-to-use site provides a viable investment solution with off market opportunities in some of the most secure markets within the UK.

How to invest as a Yielder


1. Identify

We have an experienced acquisition team looking for opportunities in the most robust parts of the UK including London and the South East.


2. Acquire

Prior to acquisition, we ensure that each property aligns with Yielders’ target threshold return and has been vetted against our strict criteria.


3. Structure

Our team of legal experts wrap the asset in an SPV structure*. We arrange amongst other things, an accountant, insurance and if required, we renovate the property. We then arrange a tenancy for the life of the investment thus limiting voids and maximising the returns for our investors.

*Special Purpose Vehicle: a subsidiary company with an asset/liability structure and legal status that makes its obligations secure even if the parent company goes bankrupt.

4. Invest

Once you’ve registered as a Yielder you can pick an investment and invest via our secure platform. Your money is transferred to your own Escrow account and once you have decided to invest the money is exchanged for shares in the selected SPV.


5. Growth

Manage and track your investment online. The Yielders platform shows you the payment history and share price movements so you can see exactly how hard your money is working for you.


6. Yield

This is what it's all about - Yield! A regular income and capital appreciation makes being a Yielder a smart investment choice.

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