How does crowdinvesting work?

Yielders is a crowdinvesting property platform that gives you easy access to the UK property market and allows you to earn competitive returns. With our ethical investment model, there is no mortgage, interest, debt or hidden fees, which means you can grow your wealth without compromising on your values. Yielders is for everyone; whether you’re saving for retirement, your first home or your children’s education. We do the hard work for you. All you need to do is sign up and start investing.


Invest in carefully vetted assets based in London and across the South East. Our team of experts identifies assets offering strong yields across the asset lifespan. We target above market yields.


Our carefully chosen assets will allow for your money to grow whilst invested in SPV structures. Our platform allows for you to track your investments over time; periodically updating you based on all relevant index information.


Upfront fixed term rental agreements of 2-5 years on all our assets. This allows 'Yielders' to yield the returns faster, from a fully funded asset.

Sign up and start investing in less than 3 minutes

Pick your property

Have a look at the properties our expert team has carefully sourced then choose the one that’s right for you. To minimise risk, diversify your portfolio by investing in more than one.

Make an investment

With as little as £100, use your secure e-wallet to buy a share of your chosen property. You’re in control, so you decide how much to invest and which property to invest in.

Earn a regular income

Every month, you earn rental income that we send straight to your e-wallet. With an annual average rental income of over 6%+ net, we offer more than double the return of stocks and bonds*.

Collect your profit

When it’s time to sell the property, we give you a share of the total profit. We’re proud to say our investors make consistently high returns each year*. But if you need to leave early, you can sell your shares on our secondary market.

*Past performance isn’t a reliable indicator of future performance